Friday, August 6, 2010

Setting Up Boundaries

Now that I'm sure what I intend to use this blog space for, I should make the rules and gameplan clear.  Mostly for my own peace of mind, its not like anybody even knows this blog exists yet.  But  for any new readers who might wander in (it could happen!), here ya go.


I will not tolerate trolls. Not even a little bit. Trolling to me means making threats, hurling epithets, derail and spamming directed at me or anyone else who may comment here.

I'm not saying I have to like or agree with your comment before I'll allow it. I am not looking for praise or for flattery or a fanbase. My comment posting criteria are completely subjective, arbitrary and UP TO ME. Deal with it.

There is a reason this blog is public and not private. The idea that somebody just may find value in what I'm writing. If I were to keep all this for my eyes only, I'd never do it; I already know this shit. But keeping myself honest by addressing the public, I just might gain a little more insight into myself. And I might do somebody else some good too. Maybe. Maybe not. We shall see.

To sum up. Comment all you like. I make no promises any of it will be posted or that I will even acknowledge you exist, even if you say the nicest thing ever. But if you find yourself inclined to comment, please do it from an HONEST, rather than a cynical place. I'll do my best to honor those kinds of comments in a timely fashion.


This blog is going to be TRIGGER CITY for a lot of people who struggle with Survivor issues. You need to know this. At times I will go into graphic detail about what I've been thru, or what I'm feeling. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I have lived thru some traumatic shit. Expect to find some of that described here. Especially be warned if, like me, you suffer from PTSD and are sensitive to discussions of Rape, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Stalking, Police Harassment, and Public Harassment. I cannot express this enough... proceed with caution here.

I am not saying every single post is going to be about these topics. But they will come up whenever they come up and I can't afford to sugarcoat things. Just sayin.


This won't make much sense to readers just yet as I haven't posted any interviews. I'm still working on several simultaneously and once they are done you'll see what I mean. More often than not, these will be of people I specifically asked to let me interview them, because I admire their anti-oppression work in general or because something they've done in their lives has affected me in a deeply personal way.

My interview limits are the following:

  • I respect the privacy and boundaries of all subjects. Some people do not wish to use their offline, real life identities. I will not post any identifying information without permission.

  • I will not post the content of any pre or post interview discussion with a subject without permission.

  • I will not post quotes from any discussion I've had with any interviewee that isn't already public record. If we IM'd or emailed you will not find that content on this blog unless you told me I could put it there. (This does not include trolls, I will put your shit on blast).

  • I will not post an interview until the interviewee has seen the final script and okayed it.

  • I will not change the content of any interview once posted, save for grammatical errors or typos.

  • If a subject who was once interviewed wishes that interview to be removed, I will take it down. (However, I cannot take responsibility for any other places besides this blog the text ends up once I've posted it).

Back to Trolling.
I don't think you heard me so let me make this clear.


IF you troll here, I WILL report, and possibly post your full contact info you used to comment. This includes your IP address, username, email and location sweetie.

And if you're worried that something you want to say here might be on the trollish side, just save yourself the trouble and don't bother.

Okay I think that's enough law laying for now. SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN RIGHT??

*cue crickets*

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