Sunday, March 27, 2011

mr laplain

i asked u 2 shave ur beard becuz i was on youtube all day
and daydreaming i was sarah and ella and
then i saw mel torme and thought how much
he reminded me of u when u shave
when he was a tiny young man
not at all  a handsome man
but he was
"the velvet fog"
and beloved

i know u say ur eyes are green
but they aren't and i'm sorry
but how many hours
have u spent staring into ur own eyes
unfortunately our eyes are more like the backs of our heads
than the back of our own  hands
more like the nape of our necks or our rear ends
the parts of the body others see more often than we
as much as it galls

ur eyes are gray without gloom they are
a seattle sky that tries to be blue and sunny
but fails
does not count how often it fails
is beloved for trying
the gray of a cloud smothered daylight
even grubworms and vampires do not fear dying
the gray of my reason for moving here


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